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Creating a user account

Create a user account. The following example explains how to create a user account called "user1" on Windows XP on a destination computer to which scan data is sent.

  • Example of settings
    •User account: user1
    •Password: password
    •Shared folder name: PDF-Scan

  1. Right-click [My Computer] and click [Manage].

  2. Click [System Tools] - [Local Users and Groups] - [Users].

    • The above settings cannot be configured on this window for Windows XP Home Edition. For details, refer to the following.

  3. Click [Action] - [New User].

  4. Enter "user1" in [User Name] field. Enter "password" in [Password] and [Confirm password] fields.

    • Be sure to enter your password.

  5. Deselect [User must change password at next logon], select [Password never expires], and click [Create].

    The user account is created and the password is set.