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Creating a shared folder

Create a shared folder to send scan data to. The following example explains how to create a shared folder named "PDF-Scan" on the desktop and then grant "user1," which you created in "Creating a User Account," write access permissions to "PDF-Scan" in Windows XP.

  • The window configurations vary for Windows XP Home Edition. For details, refer to For Windows XP Home Edition.

  • Example of settings
    •Shared folder: PDF-Scan
    •User account: user1

  1. View the computer name. Right-click [My Computer] and click [Properties]. Click [Computer Name] tab to view the name in [Full computer name].

    • Enter "PC1" here as the full computer name.

  2. Click this button to create a new folder. Right-click anywhere on the desktop, click [New] - [Folder], and set the folder name as "PDF-Scan."

  3. Enable folder sharing. Right-click PDF-Scan folder and click [Properties]. Click [Sharing] tab, select the radio button for [Share this folder on a network], and click [Permissions].

  4. Set permissions to access this folder. Check that [Everyone] has been selected, select the checkbox for [Deny] under [Allow], and click [OK].

  5. Add the user account you created in "Creating a User Account." Click [Security] tab and click [Add...].

  6. Enter the name of the user account (user1) you created in "Creating a User Account" in the [Enter the object names to select] field. Click [Check Names]. When "user1" is underlined, click [OK].

  7. Check that "user1" is displayed in [Group or users], select the checkbox for [Deny] under [Allow], and click [OK].

    A shared folder to which data is sent is created. It now has a hand icon.