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Quickly Printing Files on USB Memory or Mobile Terminal

To directly print a file on a USB flash drive

Directly Printing from a USB Memory Device

Printing from a USB memory device

By connecting a USB memory device to this machine and specifying a file stored in the USB memory device, you can print the file.

Conditions of Available USB Flash Drive

The available USB flash drive requires the following conditions.




USB 2.0/1.1

Format type



Securities such as data encryption and password lock shall be released, or the security function shall be turned Off.


No upper limit.

  • Some USB flash drives may not be supported.

  • A USB flash drive, which is recognized as multiple drives, cannot be used.

Note the following points when connecting a USB flash drive to this machine.

  • Use the USB connector on the side that is near the Control Panel.

  • Do not disconnect the USB flash drive while saving a file to the USB flash drive or printing a file saved in the USB flash drive.

  • Do not use USB devices (such as hard disk unit and a USB hub) except for a USB flash drive.

  • When this machine is starting up, do not connect or disconnect the USB flash drive to/from the USB port.

  • Do not disconnect the USB flash drive directly after connecting it.

How to Print

The available file types are as follows.PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, TIFF, XPS, Compact XPS, OOXML (.docx/.xlsx/.pptx), PPML (.ppml/.vdx/.zip) You can also print out searchable PDF and outline PDF files. A PDF file encrypted with a password cannot be printed.

  1. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port of this machine.

    • When this machine is starting up, do not connect or disconnect the USB flash drive to/from the USB port.

  2. Tap [USB Mem. Print] on the home screen.

  3. Tap the file to be printed.

  4. Specify print options as needed.




    Enter the number of copies to be printed (default: [1] copy).


    Select the printing colors (default: [Full Color]).


    Select the paper tray for the printing paper (default: [Auto]).

    [Duplex Settings]

    Select the print side of paper (default: [1-Sided]).


    Select whether to reduce and print multiple pages on the same side of a single sheet of paper (default: [OFF]).

  5. Use the Start key to start printing.

  6. When printing is complete, disconnect the USB flash drive from the port of this machine.

  • A file stored with 1200 dpi is converted to 600 600 dpi when printed.

To print files on a mobile terminal via Wi-Fi Direct

Using Wi-Fi Direct for printing

About Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a standard that enables direct connection with a wireless terminal without an access point.

You can specify and print a file stored on a terminal using a mobile terminal such as a smartphone or a tablet PC that supports Wi-Fi Direct.

  • This function is available when this machine is connected to the wireless LAN environment and used as a Wi-Fi Direct group owner.

Preparation required to use this function

Connect the terminal to this machine via Wi-Fi Direct.

  • For details on how to operate a terminal, refer to the relevant manual.

  • Some terminals may not be able to be connected to this machine via Wi-Fi Direct. For details, refer to the relevant manual of your terminal.

  1. Select "Wi-Fi Direct" on the setting menu of the terminal.

    This displays a list of devices that support Wi-Fi Direct.

  2. Select the SSID of this machine from the list.

    This machine is registered on the terminal, and the connection setting is completed.

Using a mobile terminal for printing

  • Install Konica Minolta Mobile Print on your mobile terminal.

  1. Connect the mobile terminal to this machine.

    • For details on the connection procedure, refer to Here.

  2. Specify a file to be printed using the application, then execute printing.

  • For details on how to operate the application, refer to Help of the application.

Printing using a computer

After connecting this machine to the computer via Wi-Fi Direct, install the printer driver on the computer.