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Procedure of [Both Sides Adjust]

The following shows the procedure for the [Both Sides Adjust].

  1. Checking the reference position of the printing side

    To determine the misalignment of printing position, the adjustment of the reference position required on the main body side must be completed.

    Before performing the [Both Sides Adjust], check the adjusted value of the reference position and make adjustment as needed.

    The following items of [Adjustment] - [Machine Adjustment] - [Printer Adjustment] on the [MACHINE] screen are adjustment items that need to be checked:

    Adjust the front side in the following order, and then adjust the back side in the same order.

    [ FD-Mag. Adjustment] - [CD-Mag. Adjustment] - [Restart Timing Adjustment] - [Centering Adjustment]

    • The adjustment for the reference position of the print side is an advanced adjustment. Contact your service representative in advance of the adjustment.

  2. Performing [Both Sides Adjustment] per Tray

    The adjustment can be made by either of the following two methods:

    • [Chart Adjustment]: the method used when the amount of misalignment between the both sides is unknown. -> Chart Adjustment

    • [Zoom]/[Image Shift] adjustment: the method used for fine adjustment after [Chart Adjustment] or when the amount of misalignment between the both sides is known. -> Zoom/Image Shift Adjustment

  • If the paper is bent or wrinkled when printed, adjust the [Registration Loop] amount before performing [Chart Adjustment] or the [Zoom]/[Image Shift] adjustment. For details, refer to Adjustment of Registration Loop.