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Scan Setting: Setting Scan

This screen is displayed if you select [Scan Setting] in the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen. For details about how to display the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen, refer to CONTROLLER: Setting the Controller.




[Auto Delete Document]

Sets a time to delete the data stored in the user box automatically.

Auto Delete Document: Setting User Box Data Storage Period

[File Name]

Sets the string to add to the file name automatically. This text, date, time, and division number will be added to the actual file name.

File Name: Specifying String to Add to File Name

[Color Space]

Sets a color space for loading with the TWAIN driver.

Color Space: Selecting Color Space

[Frame Erase]

Sets the Frame Erase to erase a black shadow generated around the scan image when loading with the TWAIN driver.

Frame Erase: Erasing Black Shadow around Scan Image


Sets this to load a Z-folded original with the TWAIN driver.

Z-Folded: Loading Z-Folded Original


Sets thickness of an original for loading with the TWAIN driver.

Thickness: Specifying Thickness of Original

[E-mail Initial Setting]

Sets initial settings for an E-mail. The set values will be used as the default values for Subject or Sentence when sending scanned data via E-mail.

E-mail Initial Setting: Registering E-mail Default Settings

[New User Box Reg.]

Creates a user box.

New User Box Reg.: Creating User Box