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Direct Print Setting: Setting Direct Print

This screen is displayed if you select [Direct Print Setting] in the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen. For details about how to display the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen, refer to CONTROLLER: Setting the Controller.



[Setting Number (1-6)]

Selects the setting number (1 to 6). This selection is reflected to the port selected in [Select Printer Setting].

[Basic Settings]

Specifies settings such as [PDL], [Paper Tray Setting], [Output Tray Setting].

[PCL Setting]

Specifies settings such as [Font Setting] and [Symbol Set].

[PS Setting]

Specifies whether to print PS Error Print.

[TIFF Setting]

Specifies [Auto Paper Select] and [Image Position].

[APPE Setting]

Specifies [Print PDF Errors] and [APPE].