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CONTROLLER: Setting the Controller

Press [Controller] to display the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen. The [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen enables you to make various settings and to check the job status.

  • If the Image Controller is not working correctly, the [Controller] on the [MACHINE] screen appears shaded to show inactivity.

Screen to be displayed when Image Controller IC-602 is mounted

Displaying [Controller Machine Setting Menu] Screen

  1. Press the [MACHINE] tab to display the [MACHINE] screen.

  2. Press [Controller] on the [MACHINE] screen.

    The [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen is displayed.

[Controller Machine Setting Menu] Screen

You can set the following functions.




[Report Type]

Outputs [Configuration Page Print], [PS Demo Page Print], [PCL Font List] and [PS Font List].

Report Type: Outputting a Report

[Direct Print Setting]

Specifies the several output settings including [Basic Settings] for direct printing.

Direct Print Setting: Setting Direct Print

[Select Printer Setting]

Assigns a default output format number to each port and reflects it to [Direct Print Setting].

Select Printer Setting: Assigning Output Setting Number to Ports

[Driver Print Setting]

Specifies [Convert Paper Size], [Page Number Insert Sheet], [Number of Tabs], [Perfect Bind Spine Width].

Driver Print Setting: Specifying Print Option Settings via Driver

[Spool Print Jobs in HDD before RIP]

Specifies job spool setting from [Auto], [Enable], or [Disable].

Spool Print Jobs in HDD before RIP: Setting Spool Process

[I/F Timeout]

Specifies the time until a communication timeout occurs.

I/F Timeout: Specifying Communication Timeout Time

[Plug-in Form Password]

Inputs a password for the form function for a PS Plug-in driver.

Plug-in Form Password: Setting Password to Delete Form

[Scan Setting]

Specifies [Color Space] etc. on the TWAIN driver. It also allows the initial settings for Scan to E-mail and creating a box.

Scan Setting: Setting Scan

[Job List]

Displays the following lists on a job.

  • [Current Jobs], [Output History], [Send History], [Hot Folder List]

Job List: Checking or Controlling Job

[Scan calibration]

Executes calibration by using the scanner of this machine.

Scan Calibration: Calibrating Scanner