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Adjusting Printing Troubles (For Administrators)

To adjust the level to highlight the original background ([AE Level Adjustment])


To adjust the print starting position or print image troubles ([Printer Adjustment])


To adjust the staple, punch, or fold position ([Finisher Adjustment])


To adjust the image density for each color depending on the paper type ([Density Adjustment])


To correct the misalignment or tilt of a scanning area in order to stabilize high-quality printing ([Image Stabilization])


To adjust the balance of the paper separation or image transfer performance when a paper jam or image failure occurs during double-sided printing ([Paper Separation Adjustment])


To adjust a color misalignment caused as the printing result ([Color Registration Adjust])


To adjust to the regular gradation ([Gradation Adjustment])


To adjust the area to scan an original on the original glass ([Scanner Area])


To adjust the area to scan an original on the ADF ([ADF Adjustment])


To configure settings for detecting and cleaning dirt on the slit glass ([Line Detection])


To register unregistered special paper as user paper ([User Paper Settings])


To specify how to erase the area other than the original when enabling [Non-Image Area Erase] for copying ([Erase Adjustment])


To directly print CMYK data without using a simulation profile when printing data using the PS driver ([PS Designer Settings])