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Configuring Original Scan and Output Operations

Settings Anyone can Change

To specify a paper tray to be selected automatically when [Paper] is set to [Auto] ([Auto Tray Selection Settings])


To allow paper to be fed out from other tray when the specified paper tray runs out of paper ([Auto Tray Switch ON/OFF])


To specify an action to be taken when the specified paper is not loaded on any paper tray ([No Matching Paper in Tray Setting])


To change the default paper tray or printing method when printing a report or list ([Print Lists])


To specify the type and the size of paper to be loaded into the paper tray of the post inserter ([Post Inserter Settings]) (bizhub C554 only)


To adjust the level to be judged between the color specified for [Auto Color] and black and white ([Auto Color Level Adjust.])


To allow copying of a small-sized original of which the size cannot be detected ([Auto Paper Select for Small Original])


To adjust the level to detect blank pages when scanning while removing blank pages in an original ([Blank Sheet Detection Level])


To always enable [Serial Scan] when scanning an original from the original glass ([Separate Scan from Platen])


Settings only the Administrators can Change

To change the timing to start printing at reception of print or fax data ([Print/Fax Output Settings])


To specify an output tray to preferentially feed out printed sheets ([Output Tray Settings])


To specify whether to sort printed sheets by job when feeding out them ([Shift Output Each Job])


To detect the original size or Foolscap paper size ([Standard Size Setting])


To specify whether to print stamps on blank pages inserted by the Cover Sheet and Insert Sheet functions ([Blank Page Print Settings])


To specify the printing priority sequence or an operation for skipping jobs that are not ready for printing ([Job Priority Operation Settings])


To specify the default type of paper to be loaded in the bypass tray ([Default Bypass Paper Type Setting])


To specify the position where to print a page number on the front and back sides when 2-Sided Print is specified ([Page Number Print Position])


To use custom paper with any paper name and paper type registered ([Set Paper Name by User])