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Fully Using Print Functions

Settings Anyone can Change

To specify whether to save the next print job on the hard disk when the job is received while another print job is active ([Spool Print Jobs in HDD before RIP])


To specify whether to use paper of a size close to the size specified in Paper Size if the specified paper is not loaded in the paper tray ([A4/A3<->LTR/LGR Auto Switch])


To print a banner page that contains the sender or title of print data ([Banner Sheet Setting])


To specify how to adjust the line width ([Line Width Adjustment])


To prevent the line width from looking largish in the gray background ([Gray Background Text Correction])


To slightly reduce the entire page when directly printing a PDF, PPML, or OOXML file ([Minimal Print])


To select whether to give priority to the printing quality or printing speed when directly printing an OOXML file ([OOXML Print Mode])


To fold paper ([Fold Type Settings])


To specify the unit of paper to be folded at one time when using Half-Fold or Tri-Fold ([Half-Fold/Tri-Fold Specification Settings])


To specify whether to verify the digital signature when directly printing an XPS or OOXML file ([Verify XPS/OOXML Digital Signature])


To change the default OOXML print settings for direct printing ([OOXML Print Settings])


To change the default combination settings for direct printing ([Layout - Combination])


To print a report on configuration information of this machine or a font list ([Print Reports])


To change the method for determining the paper size when directly printing TIFF and JPEG images ([TIFF Image Paper Setting])


To change the settings for printing data through a Bluetooth-compatible device ([Cellular Phone/PDA Setting])


To allow banner printing through a computer ([Banner Printing])


Settings only the Administrators can Change

To change the timing to start printing at reception of print data ([Print/Fax Output Settings])


To change the communication timeout time at USB connection ([USB Timeout])


To change the communication timeout time at network connection ([Network Timeout])


To specify whether to print error information when an error has occurred while printing an XPS or OOXML file ([Print XPS/OOXML Errors])


To restrict acquiring device information from the Windows printer driver using a password ([Assign Account to Acquire Device Info])


To allow only print jobs using the Secure Print function ([Secure Print Only])


To change an encryption passphrase for encrypting an authentication password ([Driver Password Encryption Setting])