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Registering Fax or Scan Transmission Destinations

To register E-mail addresses ([E-Mail])


To register SMB destinations ([PC (SMB)])


To register FTP destinations ([FTP])


To register WebDAV destinations ([WebDAV])


To register User Box destinations ([User Box])


To register fax destinations ([Fax])


To register Internet fax destinations ([Internet Fax])


To register IP address fax destinations ([IP Address Fax])


To register multiple destinations as a group ([Group])


Managing Destinations (For Administrators)

To print a list of registered one-touch destinations ([Address Book List])


To print a list of registered group destinations ([Group List])


To print a list of registered program destinations ([Program List])


To restrict the registered destinations that can be accessed by users


To back up the registered destination information


To migrate the registered destination information to other MFP of the same model


To erase all the registered destination information