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Specifying the Color and Image Quality for Copying

To select colors for copying ([Color])


To automatically adjust to the appropriate image quality for the contents of the original ([Original Type])


To adjust the copy density ([Density])


To adjust the background density of the original ([Bkgd. Removal])


To enhance a text against the background ([Text Enhancement])


To make the image glossy ([Glossy])


To reverse the contrast and colors ([Neg-/Pos. Reverse])


To apply a color to the background ([Background Color])


To fine-tune the color image quality according to the original ([Color Adjust])


Saving the Number of Copy Sheets

To copy on both sides of paper ([Duplex])


To copy multiple pages on the same side of a single sheet ([Combine])


To repeatedly copy an original image on the same side of a single sheet ([Image Repeat])


To skip blank pages ([Blank Page Removal])


To copy the front and back sides of a card on the same side of a single sheet ([Card Shot])


Specifying the size or type of the paper to be copied

To select the size and type of copy paper ([Paper])


To copy on custom size paper ([Custom Size])


To copy on a wide paper ([Wide Paper])


To change the paper setting of the paper tray ([Change Tray Setting])


Finishing in Handouts or Booklet Format

To staple paper ([Staple])


To add a page margin ([Page Margin])


To punch paper ([Punch])


To fold paper ([Fold/Bind])


To copy in a booklet format ([Booklet])


To bind in the center of paper ([Center Staple & Fold])


To output separately by set ([Group/Sort])


To output by page number or by set ([Offset])


Specifying the Original Size and Scanning Method

To specify the original size ([Original Size])


To specify the binding position of the original ([Binding Position])


To specify the original loading direction ([Original Direction])


To collectively scan originals of different sizes using the ADF ([Mixed Original])


To scan an original that is on paper thinner than plain paper using the ADF ([Thin Paper Original])


To scan an original with folds using the ADF ([Z-Folded Original])


To scan while removing dust on the slit glass ([Despeckle])


To scan a number of originals as a single job ([Separate Scan])


To copy multiple originals in different settings collectively ([Program Jobs])


Copying Various Types of Originals

To split the left and right pages of a book or catalog ([Book Original])


To split the left and right pages of two-page spreads ([Page Separation])


To copy an index original on index paper ([Tab Original])


To reproduce a catalog ([Booklet Original])


Adjusting the Layout for Copying

To enlarge or reduce an image for copying ([Zoom])


To copy a poster-sized image ([Poster Mode])


To copy the original image without margin ([Image Adjust])


To switch the left and right sides of the original image ([Mirror Image])


To fine-tune the print position ([Image Shift])


To copy the original in the orientation it was loaded in without rotating ([Auto Rotate])


Inserting a Front Cover or Blank Sheet into Copied Documents

To insert front and back covers ([Cover Sheet])


To copy by inserting paper between transparencies ([OHP Interleave])


To insert a different sheet into the specified page ([Insert Sheet])


To arrange the first page of the chapter on the front side ([Chapters])


To insert an additional original into the specified page ([Insert Image])


Adding a Text or Image to the Original

To add the date/time ([Date/Time])


To add a page number ([Page Number])


To add a stamp ([Stamp])


To add a watermark ([Watermark])


To add information to the header or footer ([Header/Footer])


To compose a different original image on a specific original image ([Overlay])


To compose an image registered on this machine on a specific original image ([Registered Overlay])


Erasing an unnecessary portion for copying

To copy after erasing text and shadows in the margins of an original ([Frame Erase])


To prevent the area other than a thick original such as a book from being blackened ([Non-Image Area Erase])


Restricting the Secondary Copy of Copied Paper

To print a concealed security watermark on printed paper ([Copy Protect])


To print stamps such as Copy and FOR YOUR INFORMATION on the entire page ([Stamp Repeat])


To embed copy restriction information in the copy protection function that prints concealed security watermarks in the background ([Copy Guard])


To embed a password in the copy protection function that prints concealed security watermarks in the background ([Password Copy])


Saving to a User Box when Copying

To scan a paper document, convert it to digital data, and save the result to this machine ([Save in User Box])