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Printing in the Windows Environment

Saving the Number of Printed Sheets

To print multiple pages on the same side of a single sheet ([Combination])


To print on both sides of paper ([2-Sided])


To skip blank pages ([Skip Blank Pages])


To save originals in a user box on this machine ([Save in User Box])


To view the finished preview image in order to prevent misprints (XPS only)


Enlarging or Reducing an Original Image

To enlarge or reduce based on the paper size ([Paper Size])


To enlarge or reduce with any zoom ratio ([Zoom])


Printing Multiple Sets of Copies

To specify the number of copies ([Copies])


To print by copy job ([Collate]/[Offset])


To make a trial printing in order to prevent misprints ([Proof Print])


Selecting the Paper Size and Paper Type for Printing

To print on custom size paper ([Original Size])


To change the paper type ([Paper Type])


To specify the paper tray ([Paper Tray])


To collectively print on different-color sheets loaded on multiple trays ([Carbon Copy])


To print on postcards


To print on banner paper


Adjusting the Color Quality to Obtain a Nice-Looking Print Image

To select colors for printing ([Select Color])


To fine-tune the image quality according to the original ([Quality Adjustment])


To automatically adjust to the available color settings for the original ([Color Settings])


To specify the graphic pattern density ([Pattern]) (PCL/XPS only)


To specify the compression ratio of graphic images ([Image Compression]) (PCL only)


To print images with a glossy finish ([Glossy Mode])


To prevent a white space from being generated around an image ([Auto Trapping]/[Black Overprint]) (PS only)


To adjust the printing density in order to reduce toner consumption ([Toner Save])


To sharpen the border between text ([Edge Enhancement])


To specify the font processing method ([Font Settings]) (PCL/PS only)


To prevent a failure in printing thin lines ([Thin Line Support]) (PCL only)


To use the ICC profile (PS Only)


Finishing in Handouts or Booklet Format

To staple paper ([Staple])


To add a page margin on paper ([Binding Margin])


To punch paper ([Punch])


To fold paper ([Fold])


To print in a booklet format ([Booklet])


To bind in the center of paper ([Center Staple and Fold])


To specify the output tray ([Output Tray])


Adding Date/Time, Page Number, or Stamp to Handouts

To add a watermark ([Watermark])


To compose an overlay image ([Overlay])


To add the print date/time or page number ([Date/Time] / [Page Number])


To add information to the header or footer ([Header/Footer])


Inserting a Front Cover or Different Original Page into the Original

To insert front and back covers ([Front Cover] / [Back Cover])


To insert front and back covers using the post inserter ([Front Cover form Post Inserter] / [Back Cover form Post Inserter]) (bizhub C554 only)


To print by inserting paper between transparencies ([Transparency Interleave])


To insert paper into the specified page ([Per Page Setting])


Adjusting the Layout

To print a poster-sized image ([Combination]) (PCL only)


To rotate an image 180 degrees ([Rotate 180])


To fine-tune the print position ([Image Shift])


Restricting a Handout Copy or Printing a Highly Confidential Document

To print a concealed security watermark on printed paper ([Copy Protect])


To print stamps such as "Copy" and "Private" on the entire page ([Stamp Repeat])


To embed copy restriction information in the copy protection function that prints concealed security watermarks in the background ([Copy Guard])


To embed a password in the copy protection function that prints concealed security watermarks in the background ([Password Copy])


To print a highly confidential document ([Secure Print])


Printing in the Environment with User Authentication Installed

To add authentication information


To print a highly confidential document ([ID&Print])


To print in the single sign-on environment of Active Directory