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Preparation for Network Fax

To prepare the Internet fax operating environment


To prepare the IP address fax operating environment


Sending and Receiving Internet Fax

To send an Internet fax


To receive an Internet fax


Sending and Receiving IP Address Fax

To send an IP address fax


To receive an IP address fax


Configuring Scan or Original Settings for Network Fax Transmission

Configuring the Basic Settings such as Color and Original Size

To select the color mode to scan the original ([Color])


To specify the original size ([Scan Size])


To specify the resolution to scan the original ([Resolution])


To scan a 2-sided original ([Simplex/Duplex])


To change the file name of the scanned original ([E-mail Settings])


To change a subject and message text for each Internet fax destination ([E-mail Settings])


Configuring Settings to Fit Various Types of Originals

To collectively scan originals of different sizes using the ADF ([Mixed Original])


To scan an original that is on paper thinner than plain paper using the ADF ([Thin Paper Original])


To scan an original with folds using the ADF ([Z-Folded Original])


To scan a long original that cannot be loaded on the original glass ([Long Original])


To specify the original loading direction ([Original Direction])


To display a top-binding and double-sided original correctly without reversing an image in the vertical direction ([Binding Position])


To scan an original using the ADF while removing dust on the slit glass ([Despeckle])


To skip blank pages ([Blank Page Removal])


To split the left and right pages of a book or catalog ([Book Original])


To scan a number of originals as a single job ([Separate Scan])


Adjusting the Image Quality or Density

To automatically adjust to the appropriate image quality for the contents of the original ([Original Type])


To adjust the density to scan the original ([Density])


To adjust the background density of the original ([Bkgd. Removal])


Adding Stamp or Page Number

To add the date/time ([Date/Time])


To add a page number ([Page Number])


To add a stamp ([Stamp])


To add information to the header or footer ([Header/Footer])


Other option settings

To add a TX stamp, which certifies that the original has been scanned, to a scanned original (TX Stamp)


To scan after erasing text and shadows in the margins of an original ([Frame Erase])


To sharpen the border between text ([Sharpness])


To print on this machine simultaneously with sending ([Save & Print])