Setting printer driver

Menu item

Set the following items in the printer driver.

Menu item

  • 2-Sided

  • Binding Position

  • Original Size

  • Original Orientation

  • Perfect Binding - Cover Print Mode

  • Perfect Binding - Cover Trim

  • Perfect Binding - Cover Tray

  • Perfect Binding - Cover Size

  • Paper Tray

Also, set the following on the Print window of Application.

  • Copies

  • When setting in the printer driver, make sure that there are no previous settings left in each item in the tabs Layout, Finishing, Cover, etc.

Setting the Properties Window

  1. Open the original data with the application, and then click Print on the File menu.

    Sample A (A_sample.pdf) is used in this example.

  2. Select the printer to use for printing and click Properties.

Setting body sets

  1. Click the Layout tab, and then set the following items.






    Binding Position

    Left Bind

    Original Size


    Original Orientation


    • supplementary explanationIf the specified settings are not displayed on the preview, click Acquire Device Information on the Configure tab to obtain the device information.

  2. Click the Paper tab, and then click Acquire Tray and Paper Data.

    When the tray and paper data is acquired, a green checkmark is displayed.

    • supplementary explanationIf the tray and paper data could not be acquired, a red x checkmark is displayed. Check if the paper tray for Option is correctly mounted.

  3. Select the tray loaded with the papers for the body sets in Paper Tray, and then click OK.

    • supplementary explanationUse papers of 62 g/m2 to 105 g/m2 / 16 lb Bond to 28 lb Bond for the body sets for perfect binding.

    Example: Here, the explanation assumes that papers (A4: Long Edge) have been set in Tray 1.

Setting cover

  1. Click the PB tab, and then set the following items.




    Cover Print Mode

    Cover Blank

    Cover Trim


    Cover Tray

    PB Cover Tray

    Cover Size

    Cover Custom Size (Width 307.0 mm Height 430.0 mm / Width 12.09" Height 16.93")

    • Click Custom Size, and then enter the paper size.

    • Use papers of 81 g/m2 to 216 g/m2 / 22 lb Bond to 57 lb Bond for the cover paper for perfect binding.


  1. On the Print screen, enter the Copies and click Print.

    Printing starts. When the printing is completed, go toChecking the finishing, and check the finishing of the printed document.

    For details about the output tray for perfect binder, refer to Making Perfect-Bound Booklets and Taking Out Perfect-Bound Books from Perfect Binder Tray.