Overview of Booklet Printing (Full Size)

Impose an A4-size PDF document with 32 pages on A3 papers, and then finish with the booklet function.

In this section, you can check how to finish the printed document while actually operating with sample data (sample A).

•Example Introduced in This Section

•Intended Environment

Operating system

Windows 7


Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Printer driver

PS Plug-in Driver

Image Controller

Image Controller IC-604

Mounted finisher

Saddle Stitcher SD-506

* The sample screen may be different from the actual display depending on your system environment and application version/revision.


  • Sample A: A_sample.pdf

  • Provided in the "/contents/sample/" folder on the User's Guide CD supplied with this machine.


Setting printer driver

Checking the finishing

Check the finishing of the printed document, then make adjustments with reference to the link if needed.

•Recommended Combination

  • Stamp: You can insert Date/Time, Page Number and Copy Number in each page at the time of printing. (Stamp tab of the printer driver. Refer to [Stamp] Screen.)

  • Full bleed: Print without page margins of the original. (Layout tab of the printer driver. Refer to [Layout] Screen.)