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Creating Hot Folders

  1. In the main screen, add a check mark to [Use Hot Folders] and click [Edit Hot Folders].

    The [Hot Folder Settings] screen is displayed.

  2. Click [Add].

    • If you have created other hot folders, they are displayed in [List of Hot Folders].

  3. Select the folder to set as a hot folder and click [OK].

    Example: A folder named "Hot Folder" is selected.

    If necessary, you can set a new folder created using [Make New Folder], to a hot folder.

    The selected folder is registered in [List of Hot Folders].

  4. In [List of Hot Folders], select the hot folder. In [List of Printers/Job Settings], select the printer/job setting to assign to the hot folder and click [OK].

  5. Click [OK] on the main screen.

    A hot folder is created, and the icon of the folder changes as below.