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Adding the Printer (This Machine) to Direct Print

Register the printer (this machine) in Direct Print.

  1. From the Start menu, click [All Programs] - [MFP-Printer Utility] - [Direct Print 1.1] - [Direct Print 100BW-1].

    Direct Print is started.

  2. Click [Available Printers] and click [Add Printer].

    The [Add Printer] screen is displayed.

  3. Select the printer (this machine) and click [Add].

    • If no printer is displayed, click [Search Settings] and make the settings, then click [Search].

    • If you do not search but add the printer manually, select [Manual Setting] and click [Add].

  4. Enter [Printer Name] as necessary and click [Configure].

    Example: The default printer name is used here.

    The device information such as device options is displayed.

  5. Click [Acquire Device Information]. Check the [Device Options] field and click [OK].

  6. Check that the printer (this machine) has been added.