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Creating Hot Folders

Create a hot folder in this machine. To create a hot folder, access the user mode of Web Connection.

Example: This section describes an example of sharing a Hot Folder with multiple users and setting the user authentication to the folder.

  1. Operate Accessing Web Connection to open the user mode page of Web Connection.

  2. Click the [Hot Folder] tab.

    • This displays the [Folder Setting] screen in [Hot Folder Setting].

  3. Click [New Creation].

    • Multiple Hot Folders can be created (up to 100 folders).

  4. Enter [No.].

    Example: "2" is entered.

  5. Select [Enable] for [Public].

  6. Enter a folder name.

    Example: "HotFolder_001" is entered.

  7. Clear the [Guest] check box in [Authentication Setting], then click [User List].

    • To set the user authentication, you have to register the user setting (user name and password) in advance (Refer to Registering a User Setting).

  8. Select a user setting to use for the Hot Folder access authentication, and then click [OK].

    Example: "User_001" of No. 1 registered in Registering a User Setting is selected.

    • Only a single user setting can be assigned to a Hot Folder for access authentication.

  9. Set the following options, as necessary.

    The settings in this case are as follows:



    [Output Method]


    [Delete Printed File]


    [Print Setting Priority]

    [Each Job's Print Setting]

    [Print Setting]

    Refer to Registering Print Setting in Hot Folder.

  10. Set each item, and click [OK].

  11. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.

    • When the registration fails, retry from Step 3 and change the folder number without overlaps.

  12. Click [To Login Screen] on the upper right of the screen, then click [OK].

    • This returns to the login screen of Web Connection.

  13. Operate Accessing Web Connection to open the administrator mode page of Web Connection.

    • To enter the administrator mode, you need to enter the administrator password. For details about the default administrator password, refer to the Quick Guide.

    • If you cannot log in with the default password, contact the administrator.

  14. Click [Network] tab - [Hot Folder Setting] - [Hot Folder Setting] in sequence.

    The [Hot Folder Setting] screen is displayed.

  15. Select the following items, then click [OK].



    [Hot Folder Function]




  16. Click [OK] on the setting complete screen.

    The target hot folder is then configured.