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Adding a Job Setting

You can add a job setting for printing to Direct Print.

The example below creates a print setting that the original PDF file of 32 A4 pages is reduced and printed 2 in 1 on both sides of A4 paper.

In the example, the following settings are made.

Setting items:

  • Original Orientation

  • Paper Size

  • Paper Tray

  • Output Method

  • Sets

  • Bind Direction

  • Print Type

  • Sort

  • Imposition: 2 in 1

  • The setting items may differ depending on the printer type used and the configuration of options.

  • Each printer can contain multiple job settings.

  1. In the main screen, select the printer and click [Add Job Setting].

    The print setting screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the name of the job setting in [Job Setting Name]. Then make the settings in the [Setup] tab.

    Example: The following items are set.



    [Original Orientation]


    [Paper Size]


    [Paper Tray]

    [Tray 1]

    [Print Mode]


    [Number of copies]


    [Binding Position]

    [Top Bind]

    [Print Type]




  3. Click the [Special Functions] tab and set [Imposition]. After setting, click [OK].

    Example: A check mark is added in [Imposition] and 2-in-1 is selected.