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Editing Pages on Job Centro

You can use Job Centro on a computer to edit pages of a secure job.

  1. Start Job Centro and log in to the machine. (Refer to Starting Job Centro.)

    The [Job Centro] screen is displayed.

  2. Click the [Secure Job] tab.

    The [Secure Job] screen is displayed.

  3. In the tree on the left of the [Secure Job] screen, select a Box that contains the target secure job.

  4. Enter the password on the [Box Password] screen, then click [OK].

    Print jobs stored in the selected Box are displayed.

  5. Select the job to be edited.

    • In Job Centro, you can only edit print jobs ([Job Type] is [Print]). To edit a copy job or scan job ([Job Type] is [Copy]), use the touch panel of the main body.

  6. Click [Page Edit].

    The specified job is called and the [Page Edit] screen is displayed.

  7. Make edits on the pages (e.g., copy, move, delete / set chapters / insert tab papers).

    For details about each editing procedure, refer to Using HDD: Editing a Hold Job on a per Page Basis (Page Edit).

  8. After editing, click [Save].

    The [Page Edit] screen closes and the edited content is saved. After saving, [Edited] is displayed in [Status] of the job displayed on the [Secure Job] screen of Job Centro.