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  1. Open print data with the application, and then click [Print] on the [File] menu.

  2. Select the printer to use for printing and click [Properties].

  3. Click the tab at the top of the page, then configure any print setting.

    Complicated setting example: Booklet

  4. When the print setting is completed, select any user setting number from the [Favorite Setting] pull-down menu.

    Example: "Untitled 1" is selected.

  5. Enter the register name, then click [Save].

    Example: "sample" is entered as the register name.

    • If the register name is omitted, it is registered with the displayed name.

    • Click [Save] in [Default Settings] to display (Changed) on the right edge of [Default Settings]. While (Changed) is being displayed, the setting is kept; however, if you click the [Favorite Setting] pull-down menu or click [Load], (Changed) disappears, and the setting returns to the default.

    • If [Saves for All Users] is selected in the [Save] pull-down menu, the current setting is saved in the favorite setting of all users when one computer is shared by multiple users. Only the user with administrator privilege can use.

    • If [Save to File] is selected, settings are written to a file. Loading the written file (print setting file) allows you to recall the desired setting.