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Printing from a Hot Folder

  1. Access the Hot Folder.

    • When the access authentication is set to the Hot Folder, access the Hot Folder in the either way of following:


    i. Click [Start] - [Control Panel] - [User Accounts and Family Safety] - [User Accounts] - [Manage your crendetials] - [Add a Windows credential] in sequence.

    ii. Enter the address of the machine, user name, and password , and then click [OK].


    i. Click the Hot Folder to print. When the access error dialog appears after clicking, log off your computer and click the Hot Folder to print.

    ii. When the [Windows Security] dialog appears, enter [User name] and [Password], and then click [OK].

    • If access authentication is not set, go on to step 2.

  2. Launch Explorer.

  3. In the Address bar, enter the IP address of the machine as follows, then press the [Enter] key.

    \\<IP address of the machine>

    Example for the IP address of the machine


    For details about how to check an IP address, refer to [Utility] screen -[Administrator Setting]-[Network Setting]-[NIC Settings]-[TCP/IP Settings].

    The list of Hot Folder is displayed.

    If no hot folders are displayed, the hot folder function may be set to [Disable].

    From the [UTILITY] screen, go to [Administrator Setting] - [Network Setting] - [NIC Settings] - [Hot Folder Setting] and check the setting.

  4. Copy (drag and drop) the file to print to the Hot Folder.

    Example: Copy (drag and drop) the file to "HotFolder_001".

    The print job is automatically printed.

    • Multiple users can access the Hot Folder at the same time.

    • Up to 1,000 print jobs (files) can be copied in Hot Folder.

    • To check the print job copied in Hot Folder or the sending condition of print job, press [Hot Folder] on the [JOB LIST] screen. For details, refer to Spool screen.

    •  When [Do Not Delete] is selected for [Delete Printed File] on the [Folder Setting] screen and the print job is output, the copied files are moved to the [Done] subfolder in the Hot Folder.