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Copying by Calling Previous Job Settings

Follow the procedure below to copy with a previous job settings.

  • When recalling the previous job settings, display the [COPY] screen, then press Mode Memory on the control panel. This function is unavailable from the [MACHINE] screen.

  • Only the last-completed output job settings can be called as the previous job settings. Incomplete job or reserve job settings cannot be called, even if the setting operations have been made last.

  • The previous copy conditions can be called even after the machine sub power is turned off then on.

  1. Position the original.

  2. Press the [COPY] tab to display the [COPY] screen.

  3. Press Mode Memory on the control panel.

    The [Mode Memory Mode] screen is displayed.

  4. Press [Pre-Job Recall].

    [Program Check] is selectable.

  5. Press [Program Check].

    The [Mode Check] screen is displayed.

    • Check the previous job settings on the screen.

  6. Press [OK] on the [Mode Check] screen.

    The settings of the previous output job are called and displayed on the [COPY] screen.

  7. Enter the desired print quantity, then press Start on the control panel.