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Making a Full-Size Copy

Follow this procedure to make a full-size copy of the original image.

  1. Close the ADF securely, and then press Reset on the control panel.

    In the default setting, the machine automatically selects "1.000" [x1.0].
    When "1.000" is not selected, press [x1.0] to display "1.000."

    • [Auto Zoom] or [x1.0] may not be selected automatically if the initial setting has been changed. The default setting can be changed from [Job Reset Setting] on the [UTILITY] screen. For details about [Job Reset Setting], refer to Job Reset Setting: Setting the Function Reset Conditions.

  2. Make copy selections, as desired.

    Specifying paper size may set [Auto Zoom] automatically. To make a full-size copy, press [x1.0].