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Stamp: Copying with Additional Information Printed

Print information ([Preset Stamp], [Set Numbering] (Preset Stamp), [Page No.], [Date/Time], [Watermark], [Set Numbering] (Watermark), [Copy Protect], and [Annotation]), which is not included in the original, is printed onto output copies.

Setting options


[Preset Stamp]

[Set Numbering]

(Preset Stamp)

[Page No.]



[Set Numbering]


[Copy Protect]

When you use a sheet printed with the Copy Protect function as original, light gray-colored text and background as well as the copy image will be printed on the output result. There are 4 types of text and 3 types of background; select one from each category and use them in combination.

Text: Copy

Background: Cherry Blossoms

Text: Invalid

Background: Arabesque

Text: Illegal copy

Background: Lattice


This function allows you to recall a predefined combination of text, date/time to load the original, and annotation number of the original and to print them onto output copies at the designated location.

Setting example
Text: Annotation stamp
Date/Time: '12/12/30
Annotation stamp number: ABCDE 1234

Output example