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Numbering: Printing Annotation Number for Management with Watermark

Print a numbering, a sequential number, in light color over the whole surface.

  1. Position the original.

  2. Press [Application] on the [COPY] screen.

  3. Press [Stamp] on the [Application] screen.

  4. Press [Set Numbering] under [Watermark].

  5. For Watermark or Numbering, set [Format], [Detail Settings] ([Change Text Size] and [Start Number]), and [Text Density].

    Setting options



    Select one of the four numbering type keys in the Format area.

    [Change Text Size]

    Press this key to select [20 point] or [36 point].

    [Start Number]

    Press this key to specify the start number.

    [Text Density]

    Select one of the four text density keys.

  6. Press [OK] twice to complete the setting.

    • To resume the original settings, press [Cancel].

    • To cancel the Stamp function with the current setting saved, press [Function OFF].

  7. Press [OK] on the [Application] screen to return to the [COPY] screen.

    The [Stamp] icon is displayed under [Application] on the [COPY] screen.

  8. Enter the desired print quantity from the keypad on the control panel.

  9. Press Start on the control panel.

    • Printing does not start without returning to the [COPY] screen. Be sure to display the [COPY] screen.