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List of Associated Equipment

This machine is equipped with the following trays for loading paper.

  • Paper Feeder Unit PF-707

  • Paper Feeder Unit PF-708

  • Perfect Binder PB-503 (Cover Tray)

  • Post inserter (equipped in Folding Unit FD-503 as standard)

  • Post Inserter PI-502 (equipped in Finisher FS-532 as option)

Also, the following items of equipment are provided to convey/process/deliver paper.

  • ADU (Automatic Duplex Unit) (equipped in the main body as standard)

  • Finisher FS-532

  • Punch Kit PK-522 (equipped in Finisher FS-532 as option)

  • Folding Unit FD-503

  • Large Capacity Stacker LS-506

  • Saddle Stitcher SD-510 (equipped in Finisher FS-532 as option)

  • Saddle Stitcher SD-506

  • Perfect Binder PB-503

  • Multi Puncher GP-501

  • Auto Ring Binder GP-502

  • Relay Unit RU-510

  • Relay Unit RU-511