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Basic Replenishing of Paper

This machine achieves high-speed processing of large amounts of paper. Consequently, a considerable amount of paper may be wasted once feeding trouble occurs.

We recommend that you observe the following precautions for usual management of paper.

  1. Lay a bundle of paper on a flat place to unwrap it.

    • Be careful not to fold or damage the paper while checking it.

  2. Check the stack for folds and damages, and remove the sheet that shows any trouble as illustrated below.


    Folded in the corner


    Folded along the edge

  3. Also check the other side of the stack.

    • It is recommended to check the stack by holding it as illustrated.

  4. Check if the sheets are stuck together by static electricity.

    • Fan the stack by half an inch or so from the top to check for crackling sounds.

    • If any sounds can be heard, the stack carries a static charge. It is advisable not to use it.

  5. Thoroughly fan the stack of paper before loading it into a tray.

    Fan the stack at both front and rear edges in feeding direction, holding it as illustrated.

    • Be sure to lay the stack of paper onto a flat place to fan it. Holding up and fanning the stack may result in damage to the paper due to droppage.

    • Do not fan a large amount of paper at a time.