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Overview of Remote Scanning

Remote Scanning is an application to import scan data from a computer connected to the network.

Remote scanning has the following functions.

  • You can import scan data to computers.

  • Fiery PRO80 color server mail box: Sends scan data to a computer from the mail box in Fiery PRO80 color server.

  • WebTools "Docs": Reads scan data from the mailbox of the Fiery PRO80 color server.

Remote Scanning also includes the remote scan TWAIN plug-in module, enabling the following applications to directly open data that has been scanned by using Remote Scanning.

  • Adobe Acrobat v9.0/10.0

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5.5/CS6.0

For details, refer to user's guide that comes with Image Controller IC-310 or Image Controller IC-308.