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Changing Unit and Display Scale

This section describes how to use [Change Unit] and [-/+] keys on the [Schedule] screen.

  1. Follow the procedure in Schedule screen to display the [Schedule] screen.

  2. Press [Change Unit] to switch the unit of time-line item.

    The unit switches to [Sheet Volume], [Timetable], or [Time Frame (m)] every time you press [Change Unit]. The desired unit can be selected as the default setting.
    For details, refer to Common Setting: Setting the Various Operations of the Machine.

  3. Press [-/+] to change the display scale.

    The display scale can be changed within the following range.

    Time-line item

    Available range using [-] and [+]

    Sheet Volume

    1,500 sheets to 70,000 sheets


    30 minutes later to 24 hours later

    Time Frame (m)

    30 minutes to 24 hours