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Deleting a job saved in HDD

Follow the procedure below to delete the hold job in the HDD.

  • Multiple jobs can be deleted at a time.

  1. Press the [RECALL] tab to display the [RECALL] screen.

    The [Root Directory] screen of the [RECALL] screen is displayed.

  2. Displays the directory including the job to be deleted.

    • Select the directory (root directory, folder, user box) of the HDD where the job is stored. If the folder or user box is password-protected, enter the password.

    • If data with the same file name exists, the  mark appears on the right of the file name.

  3. Select the job to be deleted.

    Press the row of the desired job on the list.

    • Press [Multi-Sel.] first to select multiple jobs.

    • Press [All Select] to select all jobs on the list. Pressing this key selects all jobs on the list, but [Multi-Sel.] appears highlighted instead.

  4. Press [Delete].

  5. Press [Yes].

    • Or, press [No] to cancel.

    The selected job is deleted and the display returns to the [RECALL] screen.