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Storing save conditions

Follow the procedure below to register the save job setting.

  • Available settings: Print Side, Quality Adjustment, Scan Size, Zoom Setting, Application

  • Stored job is given a job number (from 01 to 30) and alphabetical name (dispensable).

  • A maximum of 30 save programs can be registered.

  1. Press [STORE] tab to display the [STORE] screen.

  2. Set save conditions as desired.

  3. Press Mode Memory on the control panel.

    The [Store Mode Memory] screen is displayed.

  4. Press [Store].

    The screen that shows the settings is displayed.

  5. Review the settings to be stored.

    • To change the settings to register, press [Cancel] on the screen that shows the settings, and then press [Cancel] on the [Store Mode Memory] screen. The display returns to the [STORE] screen. On the [STORE] screen, change recall conditions.

  6. Press [OK].

    The Job store mode screen is displayed.

  7. Press the desired job key, then press [OK].

    The [Job Name Setting] screen is displayed.

    • If a button name is
      Not displayed: No scan conditions are registered.
      Displayed: Scan conditions are registered.

    • If a lock icon () is
      Not displayed: Scan conditions can be registered by overwriting.
      Displayed: Scan conditions cannot be registered.

  8. Enter a job name, then press [OK].

    • Enter a job name within 16 one-byte characters (8 two-byte characters).

    • Press [OK] to return to the [Store Mode Memory] screen. The job button displays the entered job name.

    • Be sure to input a job name. The job name must be inputted to return to the [Store Mode Memory] screen by pressing [OK].

  9. Press [OK] on the [Store Mode Memory] screen.

    The display returns to the [STORE] screen.