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Print Secure Job

When a print job sent from the computer in a remote location from the machine is printed, there is a risk of information leakage if the printed document is left for a while in this machine.

The Secure Job temporarily stores print jobs sent from computers in the user box created on the HDD of this machine. The user box is always password-protected.

Secure jobs are printed using the control panel of this machine, and the password of the user box is required before printing. Secure jobs are automatically deleted after printed.

Since the document to be printed can be managed not from a remote computer but from this machine at hand, and because the print job is not left in this machine after it is printed, Secure Job is suitable for printing confidential documents.

  • The printer driver installed on the computer handles the task to save a print job sent from the computer to this machine as a secure job. For details, refer to Secure Print.