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Original Setting

You can set separate scan, bind direction of two-sided original (whether the top and bottom of both sides are the same, or one side is flipped vertically), original orientation, and original type.

[Separate Scan]
The scan operation is divided into several sessions and turned into a single job.
Select [Separate Scan] before making the first scan. When the last scan is completed, cancel [Separate Scan].

[Bind Direction]
: [Right&Left], [Top]

[Normal], [Left], [Upside-Down], and [Right].

[Text/Photo(Print) ], [Text/Photo(Photo)], [Photo(Print)], [Photo(Photo)], [Text], [Dot Matrix], [Map]

[Normal], [Same Width], [Different Width], [Z-Folded]

: [Normal], [Thin]

Applies the setting.

Cancels the setting.

[Default Set]
Returns the setting to the default.