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Recalling Store Settings

Follow the procedure below to recall jobs that are already stored.

  • To display the [Store Mode Memory] screen, display the [STORE] screen, and then press Mode Memory on the control panel. When the [MACHINE] or other screen is displayed, the [Store Mode Memory] screen is not displayed.

  1. Position the original.

  2. Press the [STORE] tab.

    The [STORE] screen is displayed.

  3. Press Mode Memory on the control panel.

    The [Store Mode Memory] screen is displayed.

  4. Press the job number key that you want to recall.

  5. Press [Program Check].

    The [Mode Check] screen is displayed. Review the job settings.

    • The current settings of Print Side, Quality Adjustment and Scan Size are displayed in the left side area of the [Mode Check] screen.

    • The current settings of Zoom Setting are displayed on the right side of the [Mode Check] screen.

  6. Press [Close] on the [Mode Check] screen.

  7. Press [OK].

    The registered save settings are recalled and the [STORE] screen is displayed.

  8. Enter the desired print quantity, then press Start on the control panel.