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Confirm the Result of Tone Curve Adjustment

This section describes how to execute confirmation print to confirm the result of tone curve adjustment.

This function is available, only when [Hold Job] is selected on the [Select Sample] screen.

  1. Click [Confirmation Print] on the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.

    [Confirmation Print] screen appears.

    • Similar operation can be done when you select [File] menu - [Confirmation Print].

  2. Specify [Paper Tray], and confirm [Paper Size] and [Original Orientation].

  3. In [Page No.], specify pages or a page to print out for an output check.

    • If you select [All Pages], you can print out all pages.

    • If you select [Selected Page], you can print out a page by selecting a page number in the box.

    • When the job has only 1 page, the number of [Selected Page] is fixed to "1."

  4. To print an image from before adjustment, check [Print before and after the adjustment].

  5. Click [Print].

    Confirmation printing is executed.