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[Select Sample] Screen

The [Select Sample] screen is composed as follows;

Structure of Screen




Allows you to use the image which was set at factory shipping, as a sample picture.

[Hold Job]

Allows you to use a hold job in the image controller which is connected currently, as the sample.

You cannot select a job whose job ticket is already edited.

For details about how to create a hold job, refer to the following pages.

- Using HDD to Manage Jobs

- Using HDD: Performing Hold and Store on HDD for Jobs

- Using HDD: Managing HDD Saved Jobs in Folders or User Boxes

- Performing Hold and HDD Store for Print Job

- Hold Job and Save on HDD

- Store Setting: Holding a Copy Job on this Machine or Saving it on the HDD

- Workflow


According to the selection of [Preset]/[Hold Job], displays a list of preset images or a list of hold jobs (file name and registration date/time) in the image controller which is connected currently.

Secure Print jobs are not displayed.

(image preview area)

Displays the image selected from the list.

, (input box),

When multiple images are included in the Hold job of the image controller, click the button to display the previous image or the next image. Or, displays the image on the preview area when the number of it is entered into the input box. This function is only available when [Hold Job] is selected.


Uses the selected image as the sample picture. [Select Sample] screen is closed to return to [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen. Displays the selected image in [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment].


Discards the current settings and closes [Select Sample] screen to return to [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.


Displays the Help of this screen.

Screen Menu

The menu items of the [Select Sample] screen are as follows;


Menu Items



[Connect Printer]

Displays the [Connect Printer] screen when connecting to another image controller. For specific instructions, refer to Switch the Destination.


Reloads the information of the image controller connected currently.


Discards the current settings, and closes the screen.



Displays the Help of this screen.

[Version Information]

Displays the version of Color Centro.