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Confirm the Image

The sample picture selected on the [Select Sample] screen is displayed in [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment] on the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.

The sample pictures are automatically enlarged/shrunk to display the whole image in the areas of [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment]. At this time, the proportion of height and width is not changed.

This section describes how to confirm the sample picture displayed on [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment].

Moving Through the Preview Display

  1. Drag the mouse within the area of [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment].

    The preview display moves in the direction that you dragged the mouse within the area.

    • The preview displays for both [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment] move at the same time.


  1. Click or .

    The preview displays for [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment] rotate.

    • The preview display turns every time you click. The image is not enlarged or shrunk when it turns.

    • Similar operation can be done when you select [View] menu - [Rotation (Counterclockwise)] or [Rotation (Clockwise)].

Shrinking or Enlarging

  1. Click or .

    The preview images for [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment] are enlarged or shrunk.

    • In [Scale Up], you can scale up the image size selecting the magnification from among 4 levels which are 2, 4, 8, and 16 times.

    • In [Scale Down], you can scale down the image size until the whole image appears.

    • The same operations can be done when you select [View] menu - [Scale Up] or [Scale Down].

Selecting whether to Display the Preview Display

  1. Select [View] menu - [Display only before adjustment], [Display only after adjustment], or [Display before and after the adjustment].

    According to the selection, images for both or either of [Before Adjustment] and [After Adjustment] are displayed.


After confirming, when you load the tone curve, go to Load of Tone Curves. When you create the new tone curve, go to Create Tone Curves.