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Load Tone Curves

This section describes how to load the tone curve.

To adjust a tone curve pre-registered in the image controller, load it into Color Centro to make the adjustment.

After making the adjustment, you can register the adjusted tone curve in the image controller.

For details, refer to Management of Tone Curves.

  1. Click [Load Tone Curve] on the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.

    [Tone Curve Management] screen appears.

    • Similar operation can be done when you select [File] menu - [Tone Curve Management].

  2. From the tree view, select the place to save the tone curve.

    The list appears according to the selection.

  3. From the list, select the tone curve to load.

    • When you reload the information of the image controller connected currently, select [File] menu - [Reload].

  4. Click [Open].

    The [Tone Curve Management] screen is closed to return to the [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.

    Selected tone curve is loaded and the settings appear to [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.

    • When you click [Cancel], [Tone Curve Management] screen is closed to return to [Tone Curve Adjustment] screen.