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Displaying Job Billing Counter

You can display your billing counter for each job. Note that, however, only output jobs are counted. Scan jobs are not counted.

  • You can also check the job billing counter by clicking [JOB LIST] - [Output History] on the machine.

  • In order to display the job billing counter, you need a setup support from a customer engineer (CE). For details, contact your service representative.

  1. Display the [Main page] screen of Web Utilities.

  2. Click on [Machine Manager Setting].

    The password entry dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter "admin" in the User Name text box, and the 8-character administrator password in the password text box, then click on [OK].

    The [Machine Manager Setting] screen is displayed.

  4. Click [Job Billing Counter].

    The [Job Billing Counter] screen is displayed.

  5. Check the billing status.