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Sending by using Web Service (WS Scan)

If the driver program of this machine is installed on a computer on the network, you can instruct a scan operation from the computer and receive the scan data on the computer.

The following is an example of procedure for scanning originals via Windows Photo Gallery.

  1. Start a scanner enabled application.

  2. On the [File] menu, click [Import from Camera or Scanner].

  3. From the list of [Scanners and Cameras], select this machine, and then click [Import].

    The [New Scan] screen is displayed.

  4. Load the original on the machine.

  5. Configure scan settings and then click [Scan].

    • WS Scan can transmit a file only in JPEG and TIFF formats.

  6. In the [Tag these images] list, input the file name, and then click [Import]. The original is scanned and the scan data is added to the list of images.