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Quality Adjustment

Adjust the scan density of the entire original, density of the original background, color shade, image outline, and contrast. Also, adjust the separation output level of the text part and photo part in an image or the separation level of black-and-white and color in the text part.

If [Gray Scale] or [Black] is selected in [Color], [Color] cannot be selected in [Distinction].

[Scan Density]: -4 to +4
[Background Removal]: -6 to +2, [Auto]

[Red]: -4 to +4
[Green]: -4 to +4
[Blue]: -4 to +4

[Sharpness]: -4 to +4
[Contrast]: -4 to +4

[Text]: -4 to +4
[Color]: -4 to +4

Applies the setting.

Cancels the setting.

[Default Set]
Press [Default Set] on the individual setting screen to return the setting to the default. If you press
[Default Set] on the [Quality Adjustment] screen, all quality adjustment settings are returned to the default.