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File Type

Select the file type of the data you want to create.

[File Type]
Combine [File Type] and [Page Setting] to configure settings.
[PDF] + [Package], [PDF] + [Divided], [PDF/A-1a + Package], [PDF/A-1a + Divided], [PDF/A-1b + Package], [PDF/A-1b + Divided]
[CompactPDF] + [Package], [CompactPDF] + [Divided], [CompactPDF/A-1a + Package], [CompactPDF/A-1a + Divided], [CompactPDF/A-1b + Package], [CompactPDF/A-1b + Divided], [TIFF] + [Package], [TIFF] + [Divided]
[XPS] + [Package], [XPS] + [Divided]

[ Encryption ]
This option is available when [PDF] + [Package] or [PDF] + [Divided] is selected in [File Type]. On the [Password] screen, you can enter the password.

Applies the setting.

Cancels the setting.