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Overview of Scan to SMB

You can send the data scanned from the machine's ADF or the original glass (scan data) to the SMB server.

The scan data sent to the SMB server can be file-shared with computers with the SMB protocol.

For details about how to operate it, refer to Sending to an SMB Server.

To use Scan to SMB in Mac OS X 10.7 or later, the following settings are required.

•NTLM Setting
Select an option that includes [NTLM v2]. Scan to SMB supports only [NTLM v2]. For details about the setting, refer to NIC Setting Menu: Configuring the Network Information of the Controller.

•Date/Time Setting
Match the date, the time, and the time zone between this machine and the computers. For details, refer to Date/Time Setting: Setting the Date and Time.