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[Excel Job Control]

Off, On

When multiple Microsoft Excel sheets with different page settings are printed at one time, the sheets may be divided into jobs per sheet. Set this to minimize such job dividing.

[Remove White Background]

Off, On

When an overlay file is printed on top of Microsoft PowerPoint data, white areas are removed so that the white background of the PowerPoint data does not hide the overlay file. When you remove the check from this, prints the original data as is without removing the background.

[Thin Line Support]

Off, On

Prints without erasing the thin line when the reduction print is done.

[Check Driver Version]


Displays the printer driver version information.

  • The [Excel Job Control] and [Remove White Background] settings are not available in 64-bit operating systems.

  • You can change the [Excel Job Control] setting only when the printer driver setting dialog is displayed in [Devices and Printers] or [Printers].