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Using this tab, you can change the default settings on display of message and authentication dialog box.

Item Name


[EMF Spool]

Set this to enable meta file (EMF) spool.

If you enable this setting when [User Authentication] or [Account Track] is set, you can not print.

[Display Constraint Message]

Set this to enable to display message when you select functions that can not be combined at the same time in the printer driver.

[Display paper set in Print Server Properties]

Uses the paper added in [Server Properties] of the printer folder.

[[Output Method] when printing is preserved]

Set this to reflect the output method configured on printing documents to the [Output Method] on [Basic] tab.

The reflected values become the initial value for the next printing.

[Use Shared Folder (Overlay Printing)]

Set this to enable share of the overlay file saved in the shared folder on the network.

To set the share folder, click the [Shared Folder Settings] and specify the share folder.

[Authentication Setting]

Configure the [User Authentication] or [Account Track] settings for this machine.

[Verify Authentication settings before printing]
When you enable this function, you can confirm whether the user and account information is recognized on the printer by clicking the [Verify] on the [Authentication/Account Track] dialog box displayed from [Basic] tab.

[Popup Authentication Dialog when printing]:
Displays the [User Authentication/Account Track] dialog box when specifying printing and prompts the user to type in the user name or account name.

[Secure Print Settings]

You can specify the secure print settings.

[Fix Secure Print]:
Fixes [Output Method] to [Secure Print].

[Popup the User Settings dialog at Secure Print]:
Displays the [Secure Print] dialog box when Secure Print is specified, and prompts the user to enter the ID and password.

[My Tab Settings]

You can specify the settings for the [Display My Tab] of the printer driver.

[Display My Tab] : You can set whether [My Tab] is displayed or not.
When you check, [My Tab] is displayed. When you remove the check mark, the [Share My Tab], [Prohibit Editing] and [Display Note] are disabled and [My Tab] is not displayed.

[Share My Tab] : You can set whether the customized [My Tab] can be shared or not.
When you check, the customized [My Tab] that is specified on Server is carried on the [My Tab] for the client when the client install the printer driver and specify the shared printer of server. In addition, you can also set the [Edit My Tab] invisible to prohibit the client user from editing.

[Prohibit Editing] : You can enable/disable the client user's editing.
When you check, [Edit My Tab] is hidden to prohibit the client users from editing.

[Display Note] : You can set whether the description field on the [My Tab] is displayed or not.
When you check, the description field on the My Tab is displayed.

[Save Custom Size]

Click this button to register custom paper sizes.

  • The custom paper size can be set on [Custom Size] within the following range:
    Width: 95.0 to 324.0 mm / 3.74'' to 12.76'', Height: 139.0 to 483.0 mm / 5.47'' to 19.02''