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Registering an overlay

Create an image to print a document over it (Superimposition), then register it in the computer or a public folder with [Overlay].

  • To [Create Shared Overlay File], select the [Use Shared Folder (Overlay Printing)] check box in the [Settings] tab in advance, then register a public folder to save an overlay in. For details on the [Settings] tab, refer to Settings.

  1. Create a document to be registered as an overlay using the application software.

  2. In [Overlay] of the [Stamp/Composition] tab, select [Create Overlay File] or [Create Shared Overlay File].

  3. Click [OK] to start printing.

    This displays the screen for saving the overlay file.

  4. Enter the file name, then click [Save].

    The document is registered as an overlay file.

  5. Select [Overlay] of the [Stamp/Composition] tab, then check that the file name is displayed.