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When you have to uninstall the Windows printer driver, for example, when reinstallation of the printer driver is necessary, uninstall the driver by using the following procedure.

  1. Open the [Printers & Scanners] window.
    Mac OS X 10.6: [Print & Fax] window
    Mac OS X 10.7/10.8: [Print & Scan] window

    • Click the Apple mark and open the [Printers & Scanners] window from [Apple Menu] in [System Preferences].

  2. Select the printer name to be deleted, and then click [-].

    The selected printer is deleted.

  3. Close the [Printers & Scanners] window.

  4. Drag the following files, which are located in [Library] - [Printers] - [PPDs] - [Contents] - [Resources] for the installed [Macintosh HD], to the [Trash] icon.

    • KOI1100J_.ppd

    • KOI1100_.ppd

  5. Delete unnecessary files from [Library] - [Printers].

    Drag the following files, which are located in [Library] - [Printers] - [ ], to the [Trash] icon.

    • pstoKOI100BW

    • KOI100BW.plugin

    • KOI100BW.icns

  6. From the Finder menu, click Move. Pressing the option key, click [Library]. Drag the following files located in [Preferences] onto the [Trash] icon.
    For Mac OS X 10.6, drag the following files, which are located in [Macintosh HD] - [Users] - [User Name] - [Library] - [Preferences], to the [Trash] icon.

    • ineo 1100 Printer Driver x86_64 Preferences

    • Depending on the driver setting, the above file may not be displayed.

    • [User Name] is the account name selected at the time of login.

  7. Restart the computer.

    This completes removing the printer driver.