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For Network Connection (Web Service Print)

Printers supporting the Web service print function on the network can be located and installed.

  • To install a different printer driver in the computer where one has already been installed, you must uninstall the whole package of the currently installed printer driver. For details, refer to Windows.

Settings of this machine

To use the Web service print, you must configure the network settings for the machine in advance.

Items to be configured


IP Address

In [TCP/IP Settings] of this machine, specify the IP address.

Web Service Setting

In [DPWS Settings] for the machine, enable the print function.

Making the printer driver known from the Network window

To use Web service print in Windows/Server, install the printer driver before making it known to the computer with plug and play.

  • Installing the driver requires the administrator privilege.

  1. Install the printer driver for this machine.

  2. Turn on the power of this machine while it is connected to the network.
    Since the printer is searched for, be sure to connect this machine to the network.

  3. To use the Web service print, check that [Network discovery] is enabled in [Network and Sharing Center] - [Change advanced sharing settings] on the computer.

  4. Open the [Network] window.

    • Click the [Network and Internet] category on the [control panel], and also click [View network computers and devices].

    Connected computers and devices are detected.

  5. On the toolbar, click [Network] - [Add Devices and Printers]. In the window displayed, select the device name of this machine and then click [Next].

    • To check the device name, select [Network Setting] - [NIC Settings] - [DPWS Settings] - [Printer Settings] in [Administrator Settings] of this machine. In the default setting, the last six characters of [Printer Name] correspond to the low-order three bytes of the MAC address.
      To check the MAC address, select [Configuration Page]. For details about how to print [Configuration Page], refer to Report Type: Outputting a Report.

    The printer driver for this machine is detected and this machine is ready to print.

  6. After finishing the installation, make sure that the icon for the installed printer is displayed in the [Devices and Printers] window.

  • If the printer driver is not correctly installed, the driver must be updated using [Update Driver]. For details, refer to For local connection.